Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who needs sleep?

No surprise for mothers out there that I haven't posted in a while. Little Mary Beth has kept me quite busy and sleep deprived. If God were a woman, men would have the ability to breastfeed as well. Anyway, this past weekend Mary Beth decided that she was going to turn into a holy terror. I told you Mom and Dad would find a way to get even with me...

Actually, I have no idea how we were when we were infants, but Mary Beth had been acting strange for a while. Her grunts and groans that were cute 2 weeks ago were getting louder and more persistant. I knew they couldn't be "normal" like everyone told us. Then she started burping up everytime I fed her. And not like a normal baby burp up. Much more and more often. So disheartening to see! Then this weekend she just couldn't be consoled. Didn't want to be fed, held, left alone, etc. I spent 2 hours bouncing her around and singing to her to get her to fall asleep -- only to have her scream as soon as I put her down. I had had it!

So yesterday I called Dr. Z, the pediatrician. We had an appointment this morning (though like a true redhead and my daughter, yesterday was quite pleasant!) and it turns out she has severe acid reflux. It's good to know that I'm not "that" mom that runs to the doctor anytime something is weird or inconvenient! She prescribed some meds and said that hopefully this will alleviate the pain and fussiness caused by the gas and reflux. Poor little Mary... On a good note, she takes medicine out of a little dropper a heck of a lot better than Orbit the Wondercat.

Didn't want to post a photo of her burping up for you, so thought you'd all like one in her better days. She's been hanging out with Dr. Evil and is going to hold the world ransom for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

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