Friday, April 10, 2009

namesake's birthday

Today, April 10, would have been Mom's 64th birthday. So I felt it appropriate to have a little chat with Mary Beth to tell her about Mom and the special day.

I told her "Today would have been your Grandma Mary's 64th birthday, so we should celebrate!"

She then preceeded to burp up all over me. I took it as a sign.

"Oh yeah," I told her, "Mom always said she was a year younger because we forgot her birthday one year. So I guess she would have been 63 today."

I swear she smiled at me before she settled right back to sleep. Love how Mom uses my child to put me back in my place...

Rob and Kim joke that since Mary's birthday falls in Spring Break time, she's going to be a "Woooo" girl. Can't really argue with it. So here's a WOOOOO for you, Mom!

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