Friday, April 24, 2009

for my marketing peeps!

It's not a Happy Hour until someone takes their shirt off!

(Please allow a little message here from Mary Beth to my former marketing department at Regent back in Florida. We miss them incredibly!!)

Hello Marketing peeps! It's me, Mary Beth. You may remember me from that bump that protruded out of Mom's belly. Yes, I said "protruded." I'm the daughter of a writer, remember?! A little birdy told me that you were having a Happy Hour today. I fondly remember going to those with Mom. She wasn't too happy about not getting to drink during them though... Anyway, I sent some goodies for you all to enjoy today, in lieu of really late thank you cards for the presents. I wanted to send wine, but apparently I'm not old enough to purchase it. Minor details. If I were there today I would tell you:

Kristen - thank you for arranging my baby shower. I have tons of presents from you all now, and lots of ribbon that Auntie Kim has sewn on my burp clothes. I'm stylin' now. Oh, and Mom wanted me to tell you to go eat either a tuna melt or the potato salad. Ummmm. Food...

Nadia - you need to come visit. I woke up screaming every hour last night, and Mom seems to think that you, and ONLY you would have been able to calm me down. (And I still get the hiccups every day!)

Andrew - three times? Really? You chose to go through this 3 different times? Mom thinks that's just silly! :-)

Nancy - there's a bunch of birds outside making noises. Mom said you would take wonderful pictures of them. But you'd have to come to Texas. She says we have a better chance of running into you in Minnesota this summer.

Kari - just wanted to let you know that Mom did a horrible job painting her toenails the night before I was born. She should have stopped for a mani/pedi like you. Now please give her some work to do -- she's driving me crazy!!!!

Jill - so this fluffy, soft thing that keeps making noises is what made my whole world vibrate before I was born? His name is Orbit? Interesting. He doesn't like me very much right now...

Tracy - you keep making Mom laugh with your facebook posts. Keep 'em coming, and come visit us next time you're in Texas.

Nicci - feta cheese. Finally got to have it (well, through breast milk). You were mean and had it at the office before I was born. It was worth the wait.

Colleen and Karen - once? Really? You chose to go through this just 1 time? Mom thinks that's a good idea right now. But I'll convince her to do it again eventually...

And last, but certainly not least, Mike - Mom said you told her people with only one baby at a time aren't allowed to complain. So I've been screaming twice as loud and twice as often in your honor.

I hope you all have a wonderful Happy Hour. Don't drink too much -- you know who I'm talking to...


Mary Beth

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