Friday, April 24, 2009

a full week...

(Mary Beth meets OUR Godfather!)

After an eventful weekend of Bob being in Vegas, we had to find a way to top it. First, Andy and Jeff came over for a few hours on Sunday, so Mary Beth finally got to meet Andy, her future godfather. Then, she and I packed up WAY too much stuff and took a roadtrip to Austin. Auntie Kim was going through niece withdrawal, and Uncle John and Aunt Corinne were in Austin visiting Mom's cousin Denny for the Food and Wine Festival. It was the perfect chance for Mary Beth to meet her great-godparents. (I'm pretty sure I just invented that moniker, but it fits!) And John's yet another redhead, so of course we had to have that bonding moment. Hopefully we'll all make it to see Papa in July, and we can take a 4-generation redhead photo!

I have to admit that taking a 3-4 hour roadtrip with Mary Beth was a little nerve-wracking. Who knew how she would react? She seems to like the car, but for that long? So on the way I stopped in Waco for a diaper change and quick feeding. I really shouldn't have. We could have waited. So I drove straight on the way back. She was fine -- just had a few loaded diapers over the next few hours after returning home. Seems she was saving them up since she was sleeping.

Anyway, it was great to see John, Corinne, Denny and Eva. We don't really get together very often, so it was fun to tell stories and relax. Corinne was even trying to remember stories about when Mom had us as munchkins like Mary Beth. It's unfortunate that without Dad around, we're missing some pieces of the puzzle. But with as many family members as we have, hopefully we'll get lots of stories for Mary Beth.

We came back on Tuesday night, which basically meant that other than a few hours on Sunday, Bob hadn't seen Mary for about 5 days. He commented that in that short amount of time, she's changed. Yup. Every day.

I had my 6 week post-partum appointment yesterday. Which Mary Beth slept through, even when she gave Dr. Jeff his MexiCoke. Anyway, seems I'm somehow back to my fighting weight without even lifting a finger. OK, I lifted breasts, because breastfeeding ROCKS for weight loss. I gained between 27 and 30 pounds (depending on the scale) with the pregnancy, and give or take 3 pounds, I'm back. Now, it's not the shape that I want to be in, but I basically was like this before the interloper moved in. If Mary Beth will actually take the bottle from Bob, I can start hitting the treadmill soon. Woo hoo!!!


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