Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy one month!

Dear Mary Beth,

Today is your one month birthday! It's hard to believe that it's been one month since you came screaming into this world. We haven't killed you, and you haven't killed us -- looks like a win/win situation for all so far! Looking at you and knowing that we created you is a bit overwhelming. You're impishly cute with the best facial expressions and stretches!

We keep getting told that the first month is the hardest. Hopefully this is true! Although you get cuter everyday (which we didn't think was possible), you unfortunately have acid reflux, which makes you extremely uncomfortable! And if you're in pain, we're in pain. It kills us to see you unhappy!!! But we've visited Dr. Z, your pediatrician, and she's promised to make you better! And we also discovered today that you react well to eating from the bottle -- somehow reduces the gas and its effects so far.

In this one month's time, you have been visited by Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff (very briefly), Grandma Lillian, Carissa (high school soccer teammate), and Rhonda (high school friend). They all think you're adorable. You've been showered with presents from family and friends. You've gone to dinner at Carrabba's and Kinkaids (2 times now!) and have made a few shopping trips to Babies R Us and Target. And yesterday we went to see Dr. Jeff for his kids' birthday party. You like him -- you gave him daisies!

What do you like? Being rocked in the chair, bath time, taking my glasses off my face at night, being in the car for a ride and the Little Lamb baby papasan that you sleep in all the time. What do you dislike? Being flat on your back (which is why you sleep in Lamb!), bright lights, gas, and being wakened. Unless it's for food and then you're ok with it! Oh, and you don't really like the swing, which is disppointing considering how Kim and I got it for you. It's a secret -- we'll tell you one day.

We're so glad you're here, Baby Love!!

Mom and Dad

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