Saturday, April 18, 2009

sybil strikes again

So, Bob escaped (barely) to Vegas for a gathering/Bachelor party. I call it a gathering since there are only 3 people involved. But technically it's a Bachelor party. It was just a few weeks ago when he asked if he could go. I'd just be alone with Mary Beth for 2 nights. Well hell, I'm alone with her all damn day, so how much harder could the nights be?

Famous last words.

Good God she went crazy yesterday. And it wasn't even just the night! She'd be napping and then scream at the top of her lungs. For no reason except to see how quickly I could get to her. I honestly thought Orbit may have mauled her one time or something. Truth be told, he's scared of her since she can cry louder than him! She'd want to be fed, but wouldn't eat. She'd want to lie down, but then wouldn't. She wanted to be rocked, but then would punch me when I sat down. Seriously I thought I was going to go insane. I was NOT looking forward to the night.

Then somehow she settled down with me to watch tv. I gave her a bath (yea me - all by myself!), and then I went to the couch and kept her with me instead of the Lamb or crib/playpen. Don't know what did it, but she actually fell asleep. And then continued the happiness later and actually slept in the playpen for 4 hours! I slept from 1:45 to 5:45! I haven't done that in, well, 5 weeks now. After eating, she went back to sleep in Lamb and then continued to have an OK day with me. Sure, she got fussy after waiting 2 hours for the car to be done today... but I was pretty ticked off too. At least she had a good excuse of being hungry -- I was just mad!

I think her name should have been Sybil. One day she's a holy terror ready to demolish anyone or anything that crosses her path, and then the next she's sweet, loving child-o-mine. Wonder how many other personalities are buried in there. I asked this on my facebook page and my lovely brother reminded me that I'll be asking this same question in another 15 years.

Crap. Hate when he's got a point.

Here's lovely child-o-mine asleep on my chest last night... hopefully she'll do the same for me in another hour. She is pretty damn cute though...

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