Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and we were swingin'... yes we were swingin'...

Up until now, Mary Beth has been inseparable from Lamb. Lamb, the baby papasan, was the best present we've ever received. And with her reflux, it was the perfect angle for her to sleep. She never slept a night out of it. In fact, when we went to Austin, we just packed up Lamb and headed down I-35.

Randomly 2 days ago, she began to not like Lamb. Very odd. Kept burping up in it and wouldn't get comfortable. It took FOREVER to get her to sleep in it!

And then... yesterday morning I decided to try and put her down in the pack and play bassinet, because I really wanted to take a shower and she was suffering from drunken baby syndrome after a feeding. I mean she was completely out. So I put her down, and low and behold! She stayed there for almost 2 hours!! And then later in the day went back for another hour. Of course then all hell broke loose and she didn't want to go in there, in Lamb, or anywhere else for that matter.

Then came the swing. That's right folks, the swing. The swing that Auntie Kim and I put together ourselves and then Mary Beth proudly proclaimed her immediate disdain for. Put her in last night... Another miracle. Loves it and falls asleep. She's in it right now!

There's gotta be a downside somewhere, right? Like now she won't like breastmilk or something? :-) Well, in any case, my daughter's now a swinger.

Little Mary Beth she's as pretty as the angels when they sing. I can't believe I'm out here on her front porch in this swing, just a swingin'...

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