Saturday, March 28, 2009

update and angels

So yes, it's been a while. Gee, what could I possibly have been doing lately that has stopped me from updating the blog? In no particular order:
  • Mary Beth has had two pediatrician appointments, where we have seen her grow leaps and bounds. From the first week to second week, she grew a pound and is now 7 pounds!!!
  • I've also had two post-partum appointments. The first was slightly disappointing when I noticed that I had only lost the exact weight that Mary Beth was born. But then last week my weight dropped another 12 pounds. MUCH better. Still working on getting the feeling back in my fingers, but so far so good according to Dr. Jeff.
  • Oh yes, Mary Beth gave Dr. Jeff a present when we went for my first appointment. We figured this may be a first--having an OPhi deliver for a Gamma, so Baby Gamma Mary Beth passed on some daisies. See photo below.
  • We had Baby's First St. Patrick's Day! She didn't cooperate for the best photos, but we still celebrated.
  • Bob's mom spent about a week here fawning over her first grandbaby, which was wonderful for all. Then she overlapped one night with Aunt Kim, who has been here for almost a week as well. The first week home was painful for me, and I couldn't really run any errands. Now I'm starting to with Kim, and eventually will be able to on my own. Still can't drive yet, or pick up the carseat with Mary Beth in it, but baby steps, right?

OK, that's enough of a mini-update. Now onto the angels...

Mary Beth sometimes looks "past" me with her big eyes -- like she's looking at something or someone behind us that I can't see. I had someone tell me that this is when babies are looking at the angels that are watching over them. Well, she has a LOT of angels watching over her, so we've been having some fun with this. We keep telling her not to listen to the funny looking guy telling her to torment me. No no, don't pee right in the middle of a diaper change. Or burp up on the new, clean outfit. Or yell at the top of your lungs because he said to do it. Do whatever the really tan woman next to that man says to do. Come on -- you know Mom has a tan again by now, right?! And now by popular demand, some more photos:

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