Thursday, March 12, 2009

she is here!

hi! its kim, haven't decided if i am aunt kimberly (aunt, like those up north say it) or aunti kim ( like ant). Anyway, 0915 this morning, via c/s. kristi hated the iv, the spinal and the recovery room, since then all is great. baby took to the breast right away. she is a redhead. she is sofa king cute. 5 lbs 9 ozers. 20 inches long. tall! a screamer! just like mama. she just got named too. was beginning to think she would go home without a name ( like mama, she went home baby girl engelman #2, while i was named by rob right away! ) but now, 7 hours after delivery she is Mary Elizabeth Francisco. those of you pulling for sam or filamena. sorry. i was pulling for kimberly dawn. sending some cute pics. haven't loaded up the pic of kristi, mary beth and bob all asleep, may come later. it was cute. entire fam plum tuckered out. hospital is great, lots of attention. for those who care, 8/9 apgars. best you can hope for. layman's is really healthy! yeah! i was so nervous! i didn't want her to have to go to intensive care, nicu. it was great to see her and bob in the reg nursery! i was pacing. enjoy pics.
sure kristi will write soon!
kristi wants all to know she too had the strawberry mark/stork bite on forehead. mary beth has her lips too. not sure how she putts or drives, so will have to see what she got from bob later

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the details, Kim! (That was hard to write - I still think of you as Kimi). So great to see all the pictures, and so happy that Kristi and Mary Elizabeth are doing well. Give everyone a big hug from me!!!!
~Samantha (
(Feagin Hopkins)