Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I already miss Mexican food, and Baby's heartbeat

We've been back in Florida for a few days now, and I already miss the Mexican food. I'm going to blame it on the baby, but I literally inhaled almost the entire bowl of queso at Alamo Cafe. Dad, Bob, me, Kim and Schultzy enjoyed a yummy meal there -- though I had to ask Dad to move the margarita glass away from me. I guess it's good that the smell of beer and liquor makes me want to hurl -- that way I don't really miss it. Other than that and the smell of seafood (which honestly made me sick to begin with because of my allergy), I don't have any aversions so far.

Well, I have an aversion to waking up in the morning, but I think that's different.

I had my 14 week appointment with Dr. F yesterday morning, and lucky Bob got to come with. These appointments aren't too exciting, since they're just checking blood pressure (perfect), weight (have gained a total of 4 pounds somehow though it seems like SO much more), and seeing how everything is going. BUT... Bob hadn't heard the heartbeat yet. He was out of town two weeks ago for the big sonogram and heartbeat check, so he's was ALL jazzed to go. It really is a fascinating thing to hear and makes you realize that there is in fact a child inside of me.

See, I'm actually getting chunky for a reason...

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