Tuesday, October 28, 2008

18 weeks and growing...

I had my 18 week appointment with Dr. F today. Nothing major to report, but I actually paid attention to numbers this time so I could report them to Kim (LOVE having a nurse for a sister now!) I've gained 9 pounds so far, though Dr. F said she looks more preggers than me, and that I just look like a normal human being now. :-) There's definitely a bump there now and I've put the normal people clothes away and am a firm believer in the wonder of belly banded pants. LOVE them. Old Navy Maternity, Target Maternity and Gap Maternity are now my best friends. And Kim sent me a mumu to wear later in the house (inside joke with Mom who couldn't wear anything BUT the mumus when she was preggers with us!) and a cool dress/skirt I can wear for a while.

Baby heartbeat was 143. Both Dr. F and Kim said it was great. And my blood pressure is 108/68, which she said was better than some non-preggers. I like that! Funny thing--even with not gaining much weight and being healthy, it sure takes a lot out of me to do ordinary things! I carried most of the groceries in last night and was so winded when I answered the phone that I sounded like I was working out (as if). We had a fire alarm in the office today and I thought I was going to have to rest walking back up the 5 flights of stairs. This from the girl who used to run 5 miles a few times a week.

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