Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes I think my interloper doesn't like me...

So, I made it through the entire first trimester without really getting sick. Don't get me wrong -- I was DAMN tired and had to get that whole blood sugar thing under control. But I wasn't waking up and throwing up in the morning.

Until this last week.

My baby doesn't like me. :-)

There were two mornings that just, well, sucked. Last Friday I was so out of it that I actually left work early to come home and sleep. I NEVER leave early. Good thing that's known. KK actually told me to get out of there! Anyway, I also got sick yesterday morning. I figured out it's because I actualy woke up 2 hours before I got out of bed. Bob went to work early, and I woke up (of course) and went back to bed. I should have eaten right then. But instead, I waited, and then had a tylenol for my headache, crackers and water.

Then brushed my teeth.

Then saw red cracker paste come on up. It was attactive. I just had to share with you all. Interloper better give me LOTS of kisses growing up!

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