Monday, September 8, 2008

Migraines and flat belly...

So, I'd say I've been a complete slacker, as I haven't blogged in AGES!!! But seriously, I'm lucky to have enough energy to make the 18 mile drive home every day! I haven't had any morning, afternoon or evening sickness. However, I have discovered the horrible complexities of migraines. I think I pinpointed the root - when my blood sugar is completely out of whack. It's happened twice now, and it never ends well. When I would get migraines pre-interloper, the only way to get rid of it was to sleep or throw up. Normally throw up, then take Aleve (now banned!) then sleep. These two times it ended up with me throwing up. Yee haw.

I had my Week 10 appointment with Dr. Fahey last week. I love her. Bob has a problem with her -- but only in sports principle. Seems she went to Florida AND Florida State - one for undergrad, one for medical school. He says the College Football Gods would be upset. Whatever. Both teams could still kick UTSA's football team's ass. Oh wait, they don't have football. :-)

So, she said I looked great (why thank you), have a healthy, energetic interloper, and should learn to eat properly. She doesn't believe I was an athlete in my past life since I seem to have trouble remembering to eat every 2 hours. Hey, not my fault I became a slave to the corporate world where I can't stash away tacos to eat after every meeting. Ummmm. I'd kill for a taco right now. Anyway, after a few minutes of trying to find interloper's heartbeat (tempermental redhead!), I finally heard it! It was so cool that I started to laugh, which made it all go away. :-( Spoiled by my ticklish stomach and baby virgin ears!

By the way, I'm already starting to put on a little weight, and for the first time in my life get a little belly. Dr. Fahey said it's because I was so small to begin with and had a flat stomach - everything needs room to move and get ready, so I will show a lot earlier. Now what kind of fair life is it for my running/sit-up flat belly to curse me? Looks like I'll actually have to tell people soon.


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