Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Hours Suck

We all had a trying week at work (or last few months at work to be more exact...). So around 5 on Friday, I walked by KK's office as she was walking out with a few bottles of wine. She smirked and said "Sorry." Well that just sucks. OK, just for me, but tiptoeing around why I wasn't drinking at the office happy hour was difficult for me too! Gotta be quick on your feet in that place! I almost caved and just told them all, but I want to wait until tomorrow's screening testing.

Speaking of... I believe they're going to do another songram. Can't wait! The first one showed me exactly at 7 weeks. Mandi scanned them in for me so I could use them in our gifts for the soon-to-be grandparents. She had a little fun with one of them. Bob and I love it! A little artistic license, since at 7 weeks the interloper was only the size of the dotted line going across, but still... adorable!

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