Monday, October 18, 2010

my shiny new(ish) shoes!

I don't remember when, but a while back Kim was here and bought Mary Beth shiny, glittery, pink shoes from Target. They were too big and we had to wait for MB to fit in size 5.

But I should have known.

Disney size 5 shoes are not the same as Circo size 5 shoes, and once we finally sat down one morning to put them on THEY WERE TOO SMALL!!! And I'm not kidding when I tell you that she threw a FIT when she couldn't walk in them and we had to change shoes. I mean, threw herself down on the floor and cried to the heavens WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME SO?!?! I can hear my Dad laughing.

So this weekend I took them back and got size 6. I'm her hero now. See photo and video below when she put them on for the first time! She was so happy she had to come sit in my lap. She's a cute goober.

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