Saturday, April 10, 2010

happy birthday, grandma!!

I just had a conversation in my head of what is going on in Heaven today:

Dad: Happy Birthday, Mary!

Mom: Thanks, Phil. The roses are beautiful.

Dad: Well, I thought you could use something pretty to keep your mind off the fact that you’re getting old. You’re 65 now – so you’re eligible for Social Security, senior citizen discounts, etc.

Mom: Three things for you, old man. First of all, I think getting money sent to me up here in Heaven just really isn’t going to happen. And next, you will always be older than me. Heck, I’m immortally aged 48 anyway since that’s how old I was in 1993. But you were much older than me when you died. So pipe down.

Dad: I thought you said there were 3 things.

Mom: Yes, you forgot my birthday one year. So technically I’m only 64…

Dad: Good Lord, you’re never going to let that one go, are you?

Mom: Nope. It was a pretty big miss there.

Dad: Can’t argue with that. Well OK then. Happy 64th-ish birthday. What would you like to do today?

Mom: Let’s go peek in on that beautiful granddaughter of ours.

Dad: Beautiful granddaughter? We just have that redheaded one. We can look in on her instead.


(That’s Mom smacking Dad across the head)

Sounds about right. Happy Birthday, Mom!


emmylou + miller said...

Oh, that's funny.

What a cute, heavenly couple. :)

Anonymous said...

That conversation reads perfect. I can see the old man saying everyone of those statements!