Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and walking like crazy...

Mary Beth sat still for about three minutes on Sunday -- just long enough for us to put on the Easter dress that Kim bought for her birthday. Even during Mass, she simply did not want to sit still. Both Bob and I took her to the back of the church so she could walk laps. Literally. And while she was delicately walking in her cute, plaid dress, she was smiling and waiving at everyone. She met more people at church in one morning than Bob and I have. But then again, she is a lot cute than us.

We  came back home and tried to take some photos, but she was plum tuckered out from her new excercise regimen. So we just got a few.

It's close to impossible to get Mary Beth on video walking right now because she's so darn quick that she's already out of the room by the time you get the camera. But here's a quick attempt on a short video for you:

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emmylou + miller said...

She is just too cute. And getting so big!! I seriously can't believe she's walking already. Have lots of fun with that. :)