Saturday, December 12, 2009

from the desk of mary beth

normally mommy writes me a letter each month saying all the fun things i've done. but you've all seen my fun things already - smiling, swinging and crawling. LOTS of crawling.

so tonight i hijacked the computer to write a letter to them.

mommy, keep the milk coming. and food. i like when you give me little bites of your chicken and fig newtons. and i like when you roll around on the floor with me making me giggle.

daddy, COME HOME ALREADY!!! it's been fun hanging out with mom all week, but i want my daddy!! i like when you hold me up over your head so i can be tall. and let me splash you when you're giving me a bath. plus, mommy looks like she could use a nap and you'll have to play with me during that.

everyone else reading this, i really like this crawling thing. i didn't know it was going to be this fun!! there's a whole world of things to get into now!

it's bed time now. off to my crib where i get to roll around and pull the monitor down in the morning. what? it has a pretty green light on it, and i LOVE flashing or shining lights. and then when i do that, mommy or daddy come into the room and laugh when they see me smiling. life is good.

mary beth

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