Thursday, December 31, 2009

first christmas!!!

So, I think Kim and I started planning to spend Mary Beth's first Christmas together, oh, about a year ago! We knew it would be a tough time with memories of trying to celebrate Christmas last year right after Dad passed. And seeing Mary Beth just brings out the smiles in anyone, so you can't go wrong there. Kim bought her a plethora of gifts, and couldn't wait to open presents with her on Christmas day.

We headed down to San Antonio on Wednesday, which apparently was the right move since most of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was snowed and iced over on Christmas Eve. Bad that we didn't get to see the snow, but good that we got out of there before it got nasty. Over the next 5 days, Bob and I put a lot of miles on Loop 1604 going back and forth between family gatherings -- seems everyone wants to see the little tike on her first big holiday! She spent most of Christmas Eve with Bob, Jeff and Andy, Christmas day with us and Kim/Matt at Mike and Carol's (Matt's dad and stepmom), and even the day after with Terri for a while (Matt's mom - AKA "quasi-grandma).

I joked that I was only going to give her boxes, wrapping paper and bows for Christmas. Turns out that those things really were some of her favorite items to play with. But she also loved her toys, clothes and books from everyone. What she didn't like was the boo boo she got on her nose when she took a dive off the leather ottoman. With me RIGHT THERE. I caught her as she caught her nose on the rug, cutting it. So poor baby looked like Rudolph on Christmas. Hey, 9 months old and this was the first visible injury -- I call that a winner.



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