Thursday, December 17, 2009

calling all you angels...

Dear Mary Beth,

I know he visits you. So does she, but I know even tonight your Grandpa came and visited you and made me come into your room. I felt him there, trying in his not-so-sly way to remind me that there is so much more happiness in my life going on to feel sad that he is gone.

What games does he play with you in the mornings when we hear you "talking" in the early hours? Don't fall for the one where he says he's got your nose. It's just his thumb. And quit listening to him when he tells you to burp up on me. That's just not nice. I know he thinks it's funny though. I'm thinking he also loves watching you dart across the room in your turbo crawling speed. Have loads of fun playing with him. He could always make us laugh, entertain us and just plain have fun with us. And he always had a soft spot for really cute girls, so you're in luck there! I think he'd even look past the fact that you have red hair...

I miss him tremendously. This last year has been such a strange year filled with terrible sadness and great happiness. Maybe that's why it happened when it did -- to help me keep things in perspective. Still sucks though. Wait, don't say "sucks." Bad Mom. Eh, if that's the worst word you learn in our house, I'll be happy.

So I'm not sure what Grandpa looks like when he visits you, but I thought you may want to see some of my favorite pictures of him. Ask him about some of his plaid suits. Classic Filmore.

A Very Sad Mom

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