Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm a big kid now...

After a very busy weekend schedule of riding quietly to San Antonio, having dinner at a steakhouse, shopping with her Auntie Kim, and meeting her mom's cousin Kelly, Mary Beth then proceeded to cry and scream for an entire hour and a half of the return drive home. Yes. Hour and a half. It was more, but we stopped 2 times, making the 4 1/2 hour drive really 6 hours. But the last 2 hours included her screaming for 90 minutes STRAIGHT. It was enough to drive her parently LOONEY. Once again I'll use the same four words: she's lucky she's cute.

Anyway, when we were staying at Kim's place, Mary Beth actually fell asleep on her own. I about fell over when I saw that. It never happens. In fact, she was on the bed, chillin on the towel after a diaper change. So I literally wrapped myself around her and slept with her on the bed. There was NO way I was going to move her.

That got me and Bob thinking... so last night we put her down for a late nap in her crib. She hardly ever naps in there. She was out for 1 1/2 hours. Fed her again and put her back in the crib. She actually went to sleep on her own, IN HER OWN ROOM! :-) It really is an awesome room, but she's just used to sleeping in ours, 3 feet from her mommy. Hooked up the monitor and went to bed ourselves in a quiet room. It was eerie, actually. She woke up hungry at 2:30, so I fed her again and put her back in the crib. She fidgeted for a while, but quite honestly I wasn't about to stay up with her again. Monitors are fantastic things -- worth every sweet penny we spent on it. I woke up at 5 and she was asleep. Ahhh. She liked it so much, we literally had to wake her up at 8:30!

So what do we do to celebrate this milestone in Mary Beth's life? Well, we take her to get shots, of course. :-( Poor little girl. Didn't even see it coming. Oh well. Won't be the last time. So here are her four month stats, for those of you keeping track:

  • weight: 13 pounds, 50th percentile

  • height: 25.3 inches, 92nd percentile -- I KNOW! HOW'D THAT HAPPEN???

  • head: 15.8 inches, 35th percentile

Not too shabby for the girl who at one week old was in the 10th percentile for weight and 72nd for height. She was given the green light to try rice cereal at night, and later some stage one food. Food? Sniff! My baby's growing up!

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