Monday, July 13, 2009

happy 4 months!

Dear Mary Beth,

We're a day late in posting this, but yesterday we celebrated your 4 month birthday. Wow. Can't believe it has already been 4 months! Looking back, it feels like just yesterday... and it feels like a lifetime. We look at photos of you when we first brought you home and just can't believe how tiny you were! You're now 12.5 pounds, and growing every day! Next week you'll have your 4 months shots -- so I'm apologizing in advance for that.

You're having fun at daycare - though we were nervous about leaving you there. You tend to get, um, vocal when you are tired or hungry. But you're making friends there. Another baby, 7-month old Elizabeth and you seem to get along like best friends. They even put you two in the excer-saucers facing each other because you "talk" to each other. So cute.

You're talking more than ever. It's adorable because you look like you're concentrating SO much to tell us something. And we have no idea what you're saying, except that you're cute when you do it. It's probably what you're thinking when you hear us. Somehow like the teacher on the Peanuts comics. Oh, you don't know what/who that is. Don't worry, with Auntie Kim in your life, you'll know ALL about Peanuts.

Speaking of, hopefully we'll be heading down to San Antonio this weekend so you can visit Auntie Kim. She's going through Mary Beth withdrawals. Besides, we need to celebrate your Auntie and Mommy's birthday,

And once again I have to post that one day in your lifetime we'll get you baptized. We thought we had it all finalized (AGAIN) but didn't take vacation schedules into account. Don't worry -- there's a lake about a mile from the house. We may just take you out there and do it ourselves. But don't let Uncle Rob take you anywhere near a lake. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll tell you that story one day.

So, as the photo shows above, you're 4 months old today and you like to smile. Whenever the camera is on, it takes a little more coaxing to have you smile. And you certainly don't know how to hold a sign. But you'll get there.

We love you, Baby Love!

Love, Mom and Dad

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