Thursday, June 4, 2009

home yummy home

This past weekend we went to San Antonio for a wedding reception for one of Bob's fraternity brothers. It was the first time we've taken little Mary Beth home--with the exceptions of course when she was just an interloper inside me. And to nobody's surprise she was the bell of the ball, and everyone found her incredibly cute. Couldn't agree more. Auntie Kim and Quasi-Grandma Terri showered her with LOTS o' gifts, and she will officially be the most styling little girl to grace this earth. Can't wait until she can wear most of the gifts!

And no trip to San Antonio would be complete without trips to Rudy's and Longhorn Cafe. I'm really lucky we didn't live in town when I was pregnant or those two places would have been the death of me and the reason for double weight gain. But Mary seems to like them, especially with her Aunt holding her! I think Rudy's should pay me for her ringing endorsement for their barbecue sauce...

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