Friday, June 12, 2009

3 WHOLE months!!!

Dear Mary Beth,

Happy 3 months, little girl! Once again we come to a milestone, and once again we're thankful that we've all made it this far. In the last two weeks, you have become even cuter than we ever could have imagined. You smile and laugh with us - which definitely is a good thing at 3:45 wake-up calls! You've starting cooing and "talking" to us, which is so damn cute. So far you just sound like you're saying "hi," though both your dad and I swear you answered "yeah" to us the other night. Your dad keeps trying to get you to say "dadda" but I'll be happy with anything.

You're starting to play more on the activity mat, which is a feat in itself since you're now actively laying on your back. We've come a long way since you were screaming in pain in the first few weeks! That poor whale is really getting its butt kicked by you! And you're finally starting to take naps in your nursery as well as sleep at night in the pack and play. Sooner or later we'll move you to sleep the nights in your nursery! It really is a cute room...

You still don't like having anything on you when you sleep, so we wait until your unconscious and put a blanket over you. Without fail you've kicked it off before the time you wake up. And you don't like it when we talk loudly or disagree. It's really cute because you're sort of a mediator! And as we discovered two nights ago, you really don't like HUGE storms that make the house shake and the wind howl.

You were supposed to be baptised next Sunday. All schedules were rearranged and cleared and arrangements were made to go back to San Antonio for the big event. But things changed and it's not happening next week now. It's a shame because your Uncle Andy and Auntie Kim were really looking forward to seeing you again and standing up for you as Godparents. And it would have been on Father's Day, which would have been a great gift to your dad. And his dad, your only living grandfather, has not even met you yet. But hopefully he'll make it to see you eventually, and you'll get to see your only living grandma again, too! We know she misses you dearly - she has us send photos of you to her all the time! We'll get you baptised some day soon, we promise!

We love you dearly, Baby Love!

Love, Mom and Dad

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