Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Girl Francisco Speaks

Hi. I'm Baby Girl Francisco. You've been reading about me and how I'm growing inside Mom. It's nice and warm in here, and I really like when she gives me chocolate milk and Fig Newtons. Dad keeps calling me different names, and this thing called Orbit lays on top of me and makes everything vibrate. I think Orbit is the thing that hissed at me when I was brand new.

I'm 22 weeks new tomorrow, and growing more and more every day. Mom mentioned something about a list of everything I've done so far. Since I can't type yet, I told Mom the entire list for her to put in here for you. We'll add more later. Enjoy.

1. Saw the most beautiful sunset ever at Great Uncle John’s “cottage” in Minnesota, and consumed almost an entire bottle of Riesling
2. Went camping in Minnesota where every Engelman gave me drinks by the campfire, we outran a tornado, lost in bowling to Aunt Kim, and ended up sleeping on the floor of the Atlanta airport
3. Ticked off Orbit, whoever that is, by my mere existence. Hopefully we’ll get along later.
4. Taunted Grandma Francisco when Mom and Dad told her they were going to get a dog before getting me.
5. Gave Mom fierce headaches because I was screwing with her body. She forgave me so I stopped.
6. Flew to San Antonio to see Aunt Kim again, and meet the Francisco grandparents, uncles and Grandpa Filmore. He made fun of me for being a redhead. What's a redhead?
7. Made Mom throw up. But just a few times. Including in the Houston airport on the way back home. That one was fun.
8. Went to my first NFL game. It was hot. REALLY hot.
9. Flew to New York, walked around Time Square, ate at an Irish pub, climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty, toured Ellis Island, rode the subway, hung out in Central Park, met Mom’s friend Megan, went to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and walked the streets of Manhattan.
10. Voted with Mom. She says I’m the only one that knows who/what she voted for, and this is the ONLY time I’ll ever know. Something about Grandma Mary’s quote of “It’s called a secret ballot for a reason.”
11. Watched the first African-American win a presidential election. Everyone's making such a big deal about it, so Mom explained it to me. I don't know what colors are, so it doesn't make any sense to me. Everyone sounds the same to me from in here. Maybe people should just close their eyes so they can experience things like me.
12. Showed Mom and Dad I was a girl. It made Grandma Lil REALLY happy. Then Mom found a bunch of stuff from her own Mom, like the pillow she made for the tooth fairy and the Cabbage Patch doll she bought Mom right before she died. They made Mom laugh and smile.
13. Heard Uncle Rob teasing Mom. He sounds funny. But he keeps making fun of redheads. Again, what's a redhead? Am I going to be one?
14. Went to Islamorada for a wedding. Don't know where that is, but somehow I made Mom get bit by a TON of bugs. Sorry!
15. Started movin’ around for Mom to feel me. But Dad can’t yet. I’ll start kicking more soon. But for now it's fun to only share with Mom. After all, she's the one that gives me the chocolate milk and Fig Newtons, right?

See you all, well, I'm not sure when. But when I do, bring presents.

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