Thursday, August 23, 2012

the babes, they are a' growin'...

Twinkies on day 1. Yeah, they don't look like this anymore...

I took the munchkins to the doctor today for their 2 month appointment. Well, Mary Beth came too, but she escaped the necessary immunizations that the twins had to endure. Poor kiddos. Actually, poor me. I think it hurt me more. Jack cried until I picked him up (exactly 2 seconds after the last shot in his leg). Erin cried just a bit longer, but for the rest of the time there she had a look on her face like I killed her puppy.

There is no puppy.

We joke that Jack is a "Chunky Monkey" because he feels signifcantly bigger than Erin. Well, he definitely is bigger, but I was happy to find out he's not "chunkier" than most other babies his age. As if Bob and I could produce a chunky child...

So here are the stats:
  • Erin is now 9 pounds, 13 ounces. WHAT?!?! Remember, she started at 5 pounds, 5 ounces. Poor princess was in the 2nd percentile then. Now she's in the 23rd. Milk - it does the body good.
  • She's also now 20.5 inches long. Not going to tell you the wimpy percentile that is because it's just sad. But none of us kids are winning any height contests and we all turned out just fine.
  • Jack is now 11 pounds, 7 ounces. That's right. Almost 2 pounds heavier than his sister. No wonder my arms are getting ripped. He is in the 43rd percentile - was born in the 27th. That boy can eat!
  • And he's 22.5 inches long. That puts him right at the 42nd percentile. Consistent, isn't he?
  • BONUS - I joke that the Francisco boys have big heads, but I'm usually talking about attitudes. But in this case, JACK HAS A BIG OL' HEAD. Like 72nd percentile. Goober.
Dr. Z said everything else looked fantastic, and sang my praises for making it more than 9 weeks without giving them any formula. Mary Beth never had formula and we went direct to whole milk at a year. I can't promise that with these hungry, hungry hippos, but I'll do it as long as my body will hold out.

Poor body... good thing they're cute.

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