Monday, August 20, 2012

two months...

dear erin and jack,

last week you turned 2 months old. hard to believe it's only been 2 months, and it also feels like just yesterday you were born! i'd be lying if i told you it's been an easy time -- one day we'll fill you in on how your dad started at a new golf course right before you were born. basically i've been doing the single-mom thing for a while now, but dad comes home on the weekends to shower you with kisses. soon we'll all be under the same roof and maybe i'll get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time!!

so far you two are as different as you can be. and once we get used to one of you being one personality, you two switch and throw us for a loop. right now jack is the "chill one." and erin, well, you're quite loud. and belive me it's ironic for me to write that because i believe your grandpa would tell you i was not a quiet infant myself.

your big sis mary beth LOVES having you two around, though yesterday i did hear her asking for erin to stop crying... she hands me diapers and wipes and is constantly giving you "kisses AND hugs!" she even holds the hand of whichever twin is next to her on the way to/from school. it's not easy for her to have so much of our attention given to you two, but i think she's handling it like a champ.

this thursday you two have a doctor appointment that i'm not looking forward to. it's shot time. boooo. this is the one that hurts me more than you (hopefully) because i know the shots are coming. i may have to hand out earplugs for erin's screams though...

and we have continued our tradition of nicknames... the first night we came home from the hospital with mary beth she was donned "baby love." well, erin, you are "sweet pea." and jack, you actually have two nicknames. first, mary beth named you "HER jackey-jack." and i hate to break it to you, but you're also "chunky monkey." you'll understand when you see the pictures. but you're OUR chunky monkey and sweet pea, and we couldn't love you any more.

mom and dad

jack tells erin to back off for his photo op...

yeah, you try and get both twins to look at a camera!

princess erin FINALLY asleep.. and little jackey-jack shows off his cheeks!

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