Monday, July 9, 2012

erin and jack, part 2

After all the fun of the delivery, Kim had the wonderful job of holding my hair back and giving me bags to ATTEMPT to throw up in. Seems the anaesthesia, or some of the many other drugs given to me, made me a little under the weather. OK, a lot under the weather. It was horrible. And of course the worst of it hit right when Mary Beth was making her way into see her siblings.

I've never seen Mary Beth more excited. She wanted to see her Pinkaliscious and Rhonda so badly that she didn't even mind that we changed their names.

**On that note -- we've received a few questions on the names, so here you go!  Bob and I always loved the name Erin, so that's where it came from -- gotta have a good Irish name, right? Marie is my middle name, and I have the fondest of memories of Dad calling me Kristina Marie.  :-)  We also always loved the name Jack, and Jack is actually Bob's grandfather's name. So yes, it's Jackson, but we will call him Jack. Keith is my father's middle name -- we wanted to have a tie to him and he basically threated to come back and haunt us from the grave if any of us 3 kids ever named a kid Filmore. **

The next day, the twins were dressed in special outfits from Auntie Kim to match Mary Beth's Big Sister shirt. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the Francisco kiddos: 


agirlandaboy said...

They're SO cute. So, so, so cute--all three of them!

Brandie said...

So sweet! BTW I was also very sick after my c section- until the next morning! My nurse commented...well they pushed all your insides around its not a wonder! :)