Sunday, December 26, 2010

mary beth's new bike

I think Bob's been counting down the days until he could buy Mary Beth a bike since he found out we were pregnant with her. And it was so cute - he did the research on getting her a bike with training wheels or a  glider/slider/whatever-it's-called where it doesn't have pedals at all but teaches her to balance and push off with her feet. So we all went to the store together this week and tried them out. Cue the video this morning when Bob brought her into the living room to see the bike and helmet:

I'm thinking every parent has had this happen.  :-)  But she really does like it. Bob and I had to take turns with her today pushing her through the house since it was cold and wet outside:

She's a cutie. We'll keep her.

Sidenote - the bike had some competition this morning when she walked in the room. Last night she and I were coloring in her Peanuts Holiday Coloring Book (what - you don't have one?). She loved it so much that she went to bed with it. Literally.

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