Saturday, December 25, 2010



First of all, WOW - I HAVEN'T POSTED SINCE DECEMBER 1ST!!! I guess that's what happens when your baby becomes a toddler, doesn't sit still for more than three seconds and runs the entire household. That and she gets really frustrated when I'm typing on my computer and don't let her bang on all the keys. I know. I'm such a horrible mother.

So. I have a lot of pictures and videos to post. I'll work backwards for the next couple of days and bring everyone up to speed. But since it is Christmas, I'll post those first today! Bob and I think this is the last Christmas where we'll really get to relax. She likes new things, but doesn't understand the concept of Santa and gift-giving yet. In fact, she's scared of Santa. That's a great picture I still need to scan in actually... 

Anyway, I was quite happy to find a Strawberry Shortcake doll for Mary Beth. Oh the memories of my own childhood. And you know I love giving her redheaded dolls as well. Here's the video from her dancing around with it and deciding that it was better than the musical Woodstock doll that was in her stocking (sorry Kim and Geimps!). And it also stars her new pink chair that she's in love with.

New pajamas (that she made us put the pants on right away, of course) and new Mickey slippers... poodles and froggies and mice, oh my!!

Next up: bike photos and videos!! Stay tuned!

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