Monday, July 12, 2010

she's not picking favorites or anything...

Now I understand why people blog less as their children get older. It's impossible to get time to sit down and do it! I just downloaded a TON of photos from my camera (making room for the camping trip later this week!) and have some cute ones.

Mary Beth is taking swim lessons every week. She LOVES the water and smiles non-stop. Except when she's leaning over and trying to drink the water. This will come to no surprise to Rob and Kim. Like mother like daughter.

And apparently last week when I was at a going away party, Mary Beth entertained Bob by running through the living room giggling. She's hours of entertainment, people.

Last, on Sunday morning when Bob and I went in her room to get her up, Mary Beth proceeded to point and grab her "Tugga." That's Tigger, for those of you who don't speak Mary Beth-ese. Only thing is, she's got THREE Tuggas. One was my mom's, that I gave her back in the 80s, eventually went to me, and then I gave MB; a baby Tugga that I just couldn't resist when she was a few months old; and then Bob's mom sent a third one. Because you can never have enough Tuggas. Anyway, she wanted ALL of them. At once. And tried to carry all of them. I may be biased, but this picture and video are adorable.

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