Monday, November 9, 2009

mb's big adventures

This was QUITE a busy week for little Mary Beth. First, she got to spend the week at home with Nana as her private little nanny. No stooping down to be with the little people in daycare. Oh no, she got to have her grandma cater to her every need. Not the she was spoiled or anything. I think she's already put in her requests for next time Nana comes down to visit!

Then on Friday we headed south on 35 to San Antonio for Trinity's Alumni Weekend and her baptism. We had to introduce her to the soccer team, and she watched as her mama attempted to play soccer for the first time in years. I didn't do too badly either. Just can't feel my legs anymore.

Then on Sunday she was FINALLY baptized! She told me she was ready to start cussin' and causing trouble, so it was just in time. We headed to St. Mark's, and the baptism was presided over by Father Kevin Ryan -- who back in 1993 buried the original Mary Elizabeth. Quite appropriate, we thought! This time he remembered all of our names (hi Rob!). She was a little fussy throughout the ceremony, so our beautiful pictures include the pacifier. Hey, whatever works. We were joined by all our immediate family members, as well as Bill, Kelly and the girls (who showered MB with kisses) and Vanessa and Joe. It was wonderful to see everyone! And little Mary Beth looked so adorable in her long, white dress with eyelets. It reminded Kim and me of our dresses Mom made us for our First Communion. Though we didn't have a bonnet...

(Special thanks to Vanessa who took a TON of photos for us during the baptism!! You're awesome, Vanessa!!)

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