Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy 8 months!

Dear Mary Beth,

Eight months ago tonight, your dad and I tried to fall asleep in the hospital room -- physically exhausted and emotionally elated. We didn't really get to sleep much, between nurses checking on me and you being brought in for feedings.Your dad had diaper duty, as it was near impossible for me to get out of bed yet because of the c-section. And I was learning how to live on few hours of sleep and give you lots of yummy milk to eat.

You're still loving the yummy milk, but a lot has changed since then. We're all sleeping a lot more, thank goodness. You're sleeping through the night, but every once in a while wake for a feeding. In the morning we let you "talk" for a while in your crib, as you move around and practice your army crawl and scooting backwards. And when we go to get you, you greet us with the biggest, best smile we've ever seen. It's simply priceless.

You are starting to get up on all 4s, but haven't mastered the crawl yet. Which is good because we know that once you start, you're going to be off to conquer the world. I can just hear your Grandpa Phil laughing and saying "Oh you're so screwed!" But at least there's only going to be one crawling around. I still don't know how they did it with your Auntie Kim and me going off in different directions!

Tomorrow will be your first Friday the 13th. I'm sure as you grow up you will learn how much your parents LOVE this day. In fact, your Dad was born on one. And you almost were too! And in addition to a Friday the 13th, tomorrow is also our 5th wedding anniversary. Little did we know back then what joy you would bring to us.

We love you, Baby Love!
Love, Mom and Dad

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