Monday, August 17, 2009

slacker mom

Funny how that title keeps showing up... Anyway, I've been told that I'm slacking and not posting enough photos. SO... here are some photos of the nursery, now that I got around to hanging the shelves for the animals, and other items. Also, the CUTEST photo of Mary Beth at daycare during her "Wear Your PJs to School" day, shown above. Seriously, she couldn't be any more adorable.

Shelves for all the animals. Note the Tigger doll I gave Mom in the 80s, the space shuttle and Woodstock from Kim, Bear and Longhorn from Rob, angel from Geimps, and coyotes.

Dresser/changing table with her angels watching over her (Grandma Mary and Grandpa Phil).

Framed "scrapbook" from my cousin Anne and the hotpink board displaying Mary Beth's "Crazy Sock Award" from daycare. Couldn't be prouder.

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emmylou said...

I love that photo of MB! And those jammies are almost as cute as she is. :)

I can't believe she's 5 months old already!!!

Becca xo