Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy 5 months!!

Dear Mary Beth,

Today you turn 5 months old. It's unfathomable to me that you were born 5 months ago! It seems like just yesterday that we drove really, really carefully from the hospital back home. And dressed you in a St. Patrick's Day outfit and saw your skinny arms and legs. Now your Dad says you look like a relative of the Michelin Man!

You've started sleeping for HOURS in your crib now. Thank goodness. Occasionally you'll still wake up throughout the night, but for the most part you'll sleep anywhere from 5 to 10 hours straight! Sometimes we even need to wake you up in the morning so we can take you to daycare. You're the belle of the ball at daycare--they love you. True, you can be fussy sometimes, but you're just needy and want to be held. But they all like your cute outfits. And you won the Crazy Sock contest for the entire center!

We had a few options for your sign this month. One was "...and I like to wear pj's with feet." You've really taken a liking to them (finally!) and when we went to the outlet mall last weekend, your Dad picked out more for you to wear when you grow! You'll be the best dressed 6 month old! But you really do love bath time. You splash around and get us all wet and squeal in happiness. It's so cute!!

You're sleeping right now... keep it up!

We love you, Baby Love!

Love, Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...


I would bet that Bob says that this statement isn't just true for Mary Beth. "True, you can be fussy sometimes, but you're just needy and want to be held" How are things going.

Kristi said...

hmmm, i'd answer, but it doesn't say who wrote this!

Anonymous said...

Probably Rob