Sunday, February 15, 2009

Texas, here I come...

Bob and I officially moved out of the condo on Friday, and then checked into the Westin Diplomat. Not a bad life... then apparently he couldn't sleep, because he was going to wake up and leave around 5 Saturday morning, but he woke up at 3. WAY too early for me, but he went and picked up Orbit and headed out. He drove for about 17 hours and spent the night near Shreveport. That's a LONG day!!!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a day of leisure at the hotel. Literally. I slept and watched movies on tv and had Valentine's dinner by myself at the sports bar. But I had chocolate and raspberry sorbet for dessert -- that's kind of Valentine's Day sounding, right?

I woke up this morning and took some beach photos before heading to the airport. I'll post them later (at airport now). We had moved into our home here on Dec 28, 05, and went across to the ocean on New Year's Eve. So I thought it was appropriate to say goodbye the same way.

Calling my flight, so the next time I write, I'll be back on Texas soil! Yee haw!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I am keeping up with your blog. Otherwise I don't think I'd have know about this move.

Lordy... busy, busy, busy you all have been.

I'm thrilled you all are back in Texas Which course did Bob go to? Tell him to email me!

P.S. How many work out bras do you own? I think you've taken a photo in every color :)

Stay in touch...

Tracy Torrez