Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the stars at night...

If you have to ask for the rest of that song's lyrics, you're not a Texan.

I dearly miss my friends and work back in Florida, but it is nice to be back in a place where the neighbors down the street wave at you as you're pulling away. They don't even know us yet. That would never happen back where we lived in FL.

We've spent the last week now wading through boxes, moving paper and, well, crap. The house was NOT in move-in condition, even though the landlord said it would be. Very luckily for us, Bob's mom came down from Kansas and scrubbed this place up and down. There's no physical way I could have done these floors, and I shouldn't have been around the chemicals either. So I worked during the day and she cleaned.

My work has been SOOOOOOOOOOO good to let me continue working remotely. And it's difficult to see the house in array and not organize it, but there's no possible way to do that and the amount of work for RSSC. So nights and weekends are for the house. And on a good note, it was getting uncomfortable to sit at work with belly growing, so this makes it a bit easier for me!

Haven't posted photos for a bit, so here we are 32 - 35 weeks! She's breech (woo hoo) so life is getting interesting in these last weeks. We'll keep you updated on any progress or news!

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