Friday, January 4, 2013

what's in a name...

I wanted to continue the "name above the crib" tradition with the twins. In the old house there wasn't any room on the walls--not much room for anything in there, actually! But the new room is MUCH better. And it actually looks like a room they'll want to spend time in. So over the holidays, I got the letters and did my best Anthropologie ripoff, I mean homage, and added a little colorful flare as well. Not sure the twins will even notice, but Mary Beth, Bob and I like them!

This is what I started with ... paper mache plain letters!

They are pretty much the first things we've hung in the house. And we've been here since the end of October. Oops! Eventually, right?  :-)


Sanchez Travels said...

Love the "Anthropologie ripoff, I mean homage" comment. They are very cute!

Redhead Race said...

thanks! gotta love that Anthropologie would have been $144. Versus my version of $20 for the letters and about $20 more for paint - silver plus teal and fuscia glitter. :-)