Tuesday, December 18, 2012

dear dad, wish you were here

the closest we got to dad holding his grandchild, Dec 2008

Have you stopped laughing up in heaven yet because I have twins? I didn't think so. I thought you may want to know some things about your grandchildren now that you have been gone from us for exactly 4 years:

1.  Jack is you with red hair -- which I find absoutely hilarious, given your constant picking on anyone redheaded. He'll smirk when introduced to any male, but his eyes light up and he smiles and giggles when he meets any female. SUCH a flirt, and he has about seventeen women who all claim him as their "boyfriend."

2.  Erin is starting to be a charmer, too. She takes a while to warm up to some people, but then grins ear to ear. She doesn't like being left alone, and boy will she let you know it. But I have a feeling she would have been the one to snuggle with you the most.

3.  Mary Beth can do no wrong with these two. Jack could be in mid-scream and pain, and the minute she walks into the room he'll stop, track her across the room with her eyes and give the biggest open-mouthed smile. And now Erin smiles too at her, and giggles when Mary Beth dances for her. Their interaction reminds me of listening to the Rosies talk about you.

4.  There is no doubt in my mind that you would be spoiling the crapola out of these kids. And giving Mary Beth lots of sugar and then handing them back to us, laughing as you drive away.

5.  Mary Beth is such a little athlete it makes me smile. She runs across the house with such enthusiasm and speed that it just makes Bob and me laugh. And though we've never really "taught" her how to play soccer, she dribbled the ball across the field on Saturday when we went to watch Kim play. (I'd use that term "play" loosely - you would have been laughing hysterically at Kim!) You can tell Mary Beth just has this inherent ability to play soccer, and it makes me wish you were here to watch her play. And fix her socks every Saturday before a game. Auntie Kim will have to do that instead.

We miss you dearly down here. Though Mary Beth says that she sees you and Heaven Grandma when she goes to sleep sometimes. I tell her to tickle you and get your nose. Hope you don't mind. 

Your second-favorite redheaded child

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