Monday, October 15, 2012

4 months!

Dear Erin and Jack,

I can't believe it, but you're 4 months old today. And we're all still alive! Laugh if you will, but lately this is no small feat. We're now officially within one week of all of us being under the same roof in our new house in San Antonio, and it CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.

Seriously, Mama's tired and Dad misses you both so much during the week.

When he got to the Grapevine house on Saturday, you both greeted Dad with the biggest smiles in the world. I'm pretty sure it made his week. The open-mouth smile you see in the photo above is your newest look, Jack. And it makes all of this single-momdom almost worthwhile.

And Erin - you have actually started smiling now. It's absolutely adorable. Unfortunately the smiles come sporadically within bouts of cries/screams, but we still love ya. Don't believe me? Here's an outtake from our monthly photo session:

Don't worry - there are a TON of photos of me like that when I was your age. Your Auntie Kim and Uncle Rob will be glad to show you those.

So let's review how far we've come now!


Please keep up the smiles! We love you!

Mom and Dad

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