Wednesday, March 14, 2012

keeping it together?

We've been so busy lately (OK, Bob has been really busy and I've been trying to relax on the bed when I get home from work...) that we've been slacking on the whole babies' bump photo realm.

But seriously, it's getting out of hand. I understand Mom not wanting pictures taken now. I'm H.U.G.E. and growing more every day. Did I mention that we're aiming for a due date THREE MONTHS FROM TOMORROW?? Oh lawd...

Anyway, here's a picture from this morning here in the office. You can see part of the bump. and the tips of my shoes. Which I'm glad YOU can see because I can't see them unless I lean over. A lot. I had a panic attack this morning that I left the house this morning with shoes that didn't match each other. But apparently I have it more together than I think I do sometimes.

And yes, that's a Diet Coke on my desk. And if you try to take it from me I will cut you.  :-)

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