Thursday, September 8, 2011

auntie kim's housewarming

Kim wanted us Mary Beth at her housewarming party this weekend, so we made the trek down for a long weekend. Oh, and Bob went to UTSA's inaugural football game too. Look what he missed while he was hootin' and hollerin' for the Roadrunners:

 Deceiving photo since it took me over an hour to get her to nap...

BEFORE the boys jumped into the pool and it turned into a mudbath


Playing with Grandpa's slot machine. I don't think anyone won money. It may be Dad's last trick...

We stopped by the fantasy football draft on Sunday and then headed to Austin to stay with Trev, Rebecca, the girls and Cannon. Um, we were there for less than an hour when this happened on their street and we FLED.

That's the Steiner Ranch fire in Austin. I think 17 houses on their street were lost completely. It was absolute mayhem. We packed everything up, Bob quickly helped Trev load up some bikes and we were outie. Very scary and I'm happy to report that the Trevelise home is still standing and just has some smoke damage. It could have been far worse.  I was trying not to freak Mary Beth out, and apparently I did a good job because here she is at Rebecca's aunt's house where we fled:

Completely obvlious to the fact that Trev is 3 feet from her telling his family/friends that he probably just lost his home. Ah the life of a child.

What a weekend.

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