Wednesday, November 3, 2010

tale of two costumes

So all the munchkins came up to the office on Friday afternoon for trick-or-treating. So much fun. So much work. Mary Beth is a handful, especially with decorations and candy all over the place. Oh but she wasn't even eating the candy - that will make it FAR worse later, right?! No, she just liked taking the candy out of the bowls and putting it in her pink Disney Princess pumpkin. In fact, she even would trade candy with some people. You know, just to be fair. You give me some M&Ms and I'll give you this Baby Ruth in return. So cute!

But then on Sunday for the neighborhood Halloween get-together, she took on her other persona: Devil Child. Complete with the pink bow barrett and checkered vans.

But I guess the two costume thing really shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Last year she was a lady bug and then a tiger. I see a trend...