Sunday, February 14, 2010

11 months!!

(As most new parents will understand, we've been swamped these last few days with the snow and haven't posted this. She turned 11 months on the 12th, so we're just 2 days late!)

Dear Mary Beth,

How is it possible that you're 11 months old?? A year ago today my friends/coworkers at Regent threw us a shower and we received some great presents for you. You even still use some of them today - like your blankets, bottles and steamer. The next day we were packing up our home in Florida and moving to Texas. Well, the packers were packing. I was working and your dad was supervising. We then spent the night at the Westin Diplomat and your dad kissed me Happy Valentine's Day at 430 in the morning and took off for the drive to Texas. You and I spent our first Valentine's Day together - me feeling quite fat and lonely, and you enjoying the chocolate and raspberry sorbet dessert I had.

In this past month, you've really started trucking along on the walking front. You LOVE your little car/walker that my boss Andy gave you. And you walk along the tables, couch, mirror -- anything you can as long as you can hold on to something. Speaking of the mirror, boy do you love the mirror! We learned that a long time ago, but we bought a huge mirror for the entry way and it's not even worth trying to clean your fingerprints off.

You old daycare is closing down at the end of the month, so we were forced to find you a  new one. Actually, we were looking for a new one anyway because we felt you needed something more as you got closer to "toddler status." You've been at the new one for just a week, and you're doing well. You're not a fan of when we leave you in the morning, but they say you're making friends, practicing your walking and even trying new foods. You're fearless.

You also enjoyed your first snowstorm. It snowed in early December but it didn't really stick to the ground. And then we had already gone to San Antonio when the Christmas Eve snowstorm hit. But this was a HUGE storm. Record-setting for the amount of snow in 24 hours here in the DFW area. So we made your first baby snow angels, and you had your first taste of snow. Literally. You loved it. But don't get used to it...

Last, you're getting cuter every day, which I'm not sure how that is possible. But it is. You love to smile, laugh, and now you're talking, saying "Ah-tah" to us. We have to repeat it back and forth a few times or you get mad at us. Very cute.

We love you, Baby Love

Mom and Dad

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