Monday, January 18, 2010

all the mothers cry...

Dear Mary Beth,

I don't think it's just the mothers. I think anyone with a heart has felt the tears starting to swell this past week. A horrific, unimaginable earthquake shattered the already poverty-stricken Haiti. When we lived in Florida, we knew a lot of people either originally from Haiti or that had family members there. People who went through their own horrors to get to the United States so they could work and send money back to their family so they could eat, drink and have shelter. But that shelter has failed when the earth opened up last Tuesday.

I'm a news junkie and can't stop watching the news or reading it on the computer. But I've also spent a lot of time walking away from it lately because it truly is heartbreaking. In a country that already was the poorest in the western hemisphere, and had an outrageous number of orphans, the photos of torn families are unspeakable.

So if you actually can remember your tenth month and wonder why you suddenly were showered with even more hugs and kisses, it's because of this tragedy. I just don't want to let you go. I'm even typing this while watching you sleep on the monitor. And in the morning I'll race to your room to watch you smile and stand up in your crib.

I've never been one to hide my emotions, and a tragedy of this magnitude would always affect me. But now that I'm a mom I think it's different. To see other moms crying in pain because their children are gone, or babies in orphanages or hospitals while their parents didn't make it... it's just unbearable. So don't roll your eyes at me when I sneak in your room later tonight to give you your 498th kiss of the day. Just keep sleeping soundly and dream of a time when all is right in the world again.

Love, Mom

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