Monday, October 12, 2009

happy 7 months!

Dear Mary Beth,

Seven months? Really?! Wow. Time flies. Soon you'll be asking Dad for the car keys. OK, maybe not "soon," but eventually. Right now you've taken to the wonderful world of sitting up on your own. And you LOVE it. In the evenings we put you on your new blanket (thanks Anne and Alex!) and you sit and play with your toys. And you roll over, smile and giggle. This has really happened in the last few weeks, and you love practicing it.

You've discovered your high-pitched scream -- oh goodie for us. It came when you discovered Orbit, and for some reason you feel the need to show off this new-found talent at all hours. But you do it with a smile, so it's hard to get upset. With that smile, you could probably get away with armed robbery.

You still do tummy time, going  back and forth between "flying" and your yoga pose. And we can tell that you want to start using your knees and legs. All that can mean is crawling. And then we're SCREWED.

Even better, you like to attack our faces with hugs and kisses. There are some pictures below of your latest attack on your dad. Priceless.

We love you, Baby Love!

Mom and Dad

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Anonymous said...

Kristi, after reading your 7 month update I had to comment about a specific part. After all these years I am so happy, overjoyed, that you will finally be able to hear the nerve pinching, skin curling, gut wrenching pain and the accompanying fury after hearing a young red headed girl scream at the top of her lungs, eternally. I'm aware of the two differences; you love your young baby whose entrence to this world was welcomed by all, and the fact that if you use any of my methods to stop the agony it would be considered criminal. The statute of limitations have passed for what you allegedly remember. Does your new house have a pool by chance?